Investing into the British Columbia Real Estate Market

HSharma Capital Corporation (“Sharma Capital”) is a well known, renowned team of real estate, accounting, tax and consulting services in business from 20 years.  It is with our experienced team members and the trust the community has given us that we are able to further provide mortgage investment services to our clients.  Sharma Capitals is able to provide reliable investment opportunities to individuals who are looking to grow and expand through rising profitable possibilities and specialized mortgage financing to borrowers.

Our head office is located in Surrey, B.C.  Please visit us for more information or contact us to be a part of an information session, receive an information package, or speak to a financial specialist in our office.     

Sharma Capitals is built on the foundations of strong real estate knowledge, solid experience and dependable counsel to assist clients with their individual financial needs.   With over 20 years of investment and market experience, we help guide our clients towards prospective beneficial returns. 

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